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5 High Impact End of Year Readable English Activities to Maximize Growth

 Stephanie Schmalensee, M.Ed.

With the end of the school year quickly approaching, it is important to prioritize maximizing impact on student literacy growth with the tools that Readable English offers to teachers and students. Literacy is an essential skill that students need in order to succeed in all areas of their lives. Whether it is reading for pleasure, comprehension, or critical thinking, literacy is the foundation for learning and understanding.


By focusing on literacy growth, students are better able to understand and learn from the materials they are presented with. This leads to improved academic performance and better preparation for future success. 

Why is it important to maximize student literacy growth as the end of the school year approaches? 

  • Literacy is the Key to Learning

    • Literacy is the foundation of learning. Without strong literacy skills, students will struggle to comprehend texts, understand new concepts, and express their thoughts and ideas. When students struggle with literacy, they are more likely to fall behind in all areas of learning. This is why it is crucial to prioritize literacy growth throughout the school year, especially as the end of the year approaches. 

  • Literacy is Essential for Success in Life 

    • Strong literacy skills are necessary for many everyday tasks. The ability to read and write is also critical for communication, problem-solving and critical thinking. By maximizing student literacy growth, educators are helping students build skills that will benefit them throughout their lives. 

  • Literacy is Linked to Academic Achievement

    • Research shows that there is a strong link between literacy and academic achievement. By prioritizing literacy growth, educators are setting their students up for success in all areas of their education. 

  • Literacy is a Lifelong Skill

    • As the school year is ending, it is important for educators to emphasize the importance of continuing to practice literacy skills throughout the summer months. By maximizing student literacy growth now, educators are helping students build a strong foundation for lifelong learning. 


What are the Readable English activities that we recommend utilizing as the end of the school year approaches to maximize impact on student learning and growth? While every activity and tool within the Readable English program is recommended and serves an important purpose in the development of student reading skills, we have put together 5 high impact end of year activities to maximize growth. Noticeably, these activities include helping students get in front of and read converted material as often as possible. 


Our top 5 high impact end of year activities to maximize growth for your students are:

  1. Reading Practice Module
    reading module practice snip
  2. ReadWorks Module
    readwords module snip
  3. Teacher Resources - Phase 3: Demo Comprehension / Writing Worksheetsphase 3 - demo comp-writing snip

  4. Student Lessons - Phase 3: Analyze it - Outline it - Write itphase 3- analyze outline write it
  5. Vocabulary Module - Phase 4
    phase 4 vocab snip

We know that our Readable English teachers are always wanting to maximize student growth and learning as the importance of grade-level reading is a high priority for all teachers! By prioritizing literacy growth in the last weeks of school, Readable English teachers are setting their students up for success in all areas of education and for life. Readable English has the potential to create new and positive outcomes for all students!

We truly believe that every student can learn to read at grade level.

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