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Literacy Benchmarking & Progress Monitoring

Bring Meaning to Measurement

Teachers can now get a realistic view of how their students are performing and use this ongoing data to help their students get to grade level reading.

Readable English is the only program offering Benchmarking and Progress Monitoring for all 3 components of reading!

Oral Reading Fluency

Oral Reading Fluency

Readable English oral reading benchmark and progress monitoring assessments offer ongoing measurements of students’ oral reading abilities.

Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension

Monitoring reading comprehension helps students become aware that literacy isn't just about reading words correctly, but is ultimately to get meaning.

Listening Comprehension

Listening Comprehension


Progress monitoring for listening comprehension combined with monitoring for reading comprehension provides teachers with valuable data to address the individual literacy needs of their students.


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The Lexile Framework for Reading

Measures that Span the Literacy Construct

Using the Lexile® Framework by MetaMetrics®, we provide students with Lexile® measures for reading and listening comprehension and oral reading fluency to offer a more complete picture of their literacy skills. With Lexile measures, we efficiently match readers with text at the appropriate reading level and track progress toward the goals to get to grade-level reading and beyond!

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Our research-proven, accelerated reading program gets students to take ownership of their learning by quickly getting them to grade-level reading and beyond.