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Frequently Asked Questions

Readable English is a Research-proven, accelerated reading program that uses systematic phonics and phonemic awareness to exponentially increase fluency and comprehension. Students take ownership of their learning and quickly get to grade level reading and beyond!

Which browser would you recommend to access the program?

We recommend using the Google Chrome browser for best performance, which you can download for free. The learning portal also supports later versions of other browsers, however functionality may be more challenging on different or out of date browsers. 

Do we need a headset?

Using a headset when watching videos or completing lessons online that include audio is recommended.  This allows students to hear the sounds they’re learning clearly and it can assist with avoiding distractions.

Do I need a specific kind of device to access lessons?

Completing lessons in the learning portal portion of the program works best on a desktop or laptop computer (not on a mobile device).  However, there are some enjoyable apps for students to use in the program as well and those must be played on a mobile device or tablet.

What if we have issues with the technology?

We have 3 key resources to assist all users with technical challenges: 1) Troubleshooting Guide, 2) a built-in Compatibility Check, 3) our amazing Customer Support Team. These are real people who receive requests for support from users and respond as quickly as they can. 

Which students would benefit from the program?

The program is ideal for struggling readers, Special Education students and ELL students. However, all students in grades 2-12 can benefit from being able to access content at higher levels instead of stopping at grade level.

How can I register to start using Readable English?

Schedule a consultation to further explore if Readable English is right for your students and school.