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EdTech Industry Veteran Tim Waldron Appointed as CEO of Readable English

 Readable English  Apr 17, 2024 10:00:00 AM

SF Bay Area, CA/ Bloomington, IN (April 17, 2024) - Readable English, a literacy access and intervention software company that invented  an English language pronunciation guide that uses visual cues, called glyphs, to make the language phonetic without changing the spelling, today announced the appointment of edtech veteran Tim Waldron as its new Chief Executive Officer. Waldron succeeds Ann Fitts, the company's esteemed founder, who has stepped down from her CEO role after five years. Fitts will stay engaged in the company as a board member.

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Why is the English Language So Odd?

 Readable English  Feb 3, 2023 3:23:59 PM

The English language can be mastered… or can it? With the understanding of a few English idiosyncrasies, you soon learn that the language makes no sense at all.

Native English speakers seem to be able to pick up the oddities and mimic them well. But for non-English speakers trying to speak the language, it’s not long before they are scratching their heads in bewilderment.

When changing one letter changes the sound of a word, silent letters disrupt phonetics, homophones sound the same without being so, and odd phrases make literally no sense, confusion can prevail.

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