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Because every student can learn to read!

Help your readers who struggle, grades 2 to 12, read grade level, authentic classroom content, fast.

Readable English unlocks the code hidden behind the rules, the exceptions, and rote memorization. We are the only reading intervention that gets students to grade-level reading using their own class curriculum, without having to be pulled out of class. Readable English quickly moves large-scale numbers of students to grade-level reading and beyond!

Our Fast-Track to Literacy Solution

For readers who struggle, special education, Multilingual Learners, gifted and talented, and general education.

Accelerated Reading Program

Accelerated Reading Program

Based on the Science of Reading

Learning to read is about connecting: pronunciation, spelling, and meaning. Readable English uses systematic phonics and phonemic awareness to exponentially increase fluency and comprehension through a unique markup that makes English phonetic without changing the spelling. The pronunciation guide built into each word provides the scaffolding needed for orthographic mapping.

Coaching and Professional Development

Proven Success

Coaching and Professional Development

Any literacy program is only as good as its implementation. Our Literacy Coaches are here to assist, plan, and collaborate with teachers and administrators on the professional development needed to be prepared to effectively deliver Readable English. We are in partnership with the International Dyslexia Association® and WIDA™ to deliver accredited coaching. Available on-site or virtually.

Benchmarking & Progress Monitoring

Bring Meaning to Measurement

Benchmarking & Progress Monitoring

Readable English is the only program that offers Benchmarking and Progress Monitoring for all 3 components of reading for grades 2-12!

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Oral Reading Fluency

Effective and Proven Data-Driven Results

ESSA Tier 1

Readers who struggle are typically left behind by other reading programs make amazing gains with Readable English. Independent efficacy studies published in peer-reviewed papers establish that Readable English students grow twice as fast in fluency and comprehension.

User Reviews

Dr. Brent Comer


"It's applicable to all students... I wanted something for our bubble kids, and I also wanted something for our high achieving students too."

Jay R. Perkins

Teacher - Grades 1, 4, and 5

"Looking at this program, I am just going to call it a miracle! We have seen amazing results. I really enjoy the program."

Terriona Moore

8th Grade Student

"I like it! I wanted to switch schools, but now I am like, no, because I have a program that is helping me with my reading."


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Rostering and Log in Made Easy

Our Integration Partners

Rostering and Log in Made Easy

Approved and Certified

As an Effective Reading Program

Approved and Certified

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Our research-proven, accelerated reading program gets students to take ownership of their learning by quickly getting them to grade-level reading and beyond.