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Watch Now! Literacy Experts Decode What it Takes to Teach Kids to Read & Comprehend Recording is now available!

 Tammy Miller

There's more to reading than just phonics and how to partner with Readable English to bring effective reading intervention to students.

The secret sauce for early readers has three main ingredients (hint, hint) and it really works. Readable English and MetaMetrics teamed up in an effort to solve the literacy crisis and early evidence proves the system is working.

Watch the webinar recording to learn:

• Why there’s more to reading than just phonics.

• How the Lexile scale can now measure skills beyond reading comprehension and how this can be applied to developing readers.

• The real-world impact these Lexile measures in Readable English have had with English learners, helping an Indiana school double their state ILEARN test scores.

• How edtech companies or districts can partner with Readable English to bring this reading intervention program to their schools or customers.

MetaMetrics RE Webinar


We truly believe that every student can learn to read at grade level.