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Reading Comprehension

Beginning of Year (BOY) and End of Year (EOY) Benchmark Assessments for Reading Comprehension

Benchmarking reading comprehension ability at the BOY and EOY helps students become aware that literacy isn't just about reading words correctly, but is ultimately to get meaning. Readable English lessens the cognitive load on students’ struggle with decoding, enabling them to think and comprehend what they are reading in ways they were unable to previously.

Progress Monitoring: The Link Between ORF and Reading Comprehension

While BOY and EOY benchmark assessments are offered for reading comprehension, progress throughout the year is monitored using ORF assessments only. ORF is a strong predictor of silent reading ability and has consistently been found to have a high correlation with reading comprehension. 

While students are still learning to read (learning to decode letters on a page into meaningful words), all of their attention and cognitive resources are used in the decoding process. Once students are reading with automaticity and fluency, their cognitive resources are freed up to focus on comprehension.

Lexile Measures for Reading Comprehension

Readable English students get a BOY Lexile® reading measure by taking a reading comprehension test that is linked to the Lexile scale. Lexile reading measures range from below 0L to above 1600L. For any Lexile measures below 0L, the negative sign is replaced with a “BR” code suggesting that these texts are designed for “beginner readers.” Educators can use this Lexile reading measure along with Lexile text measures to connect students with reading materials within their Lexile range

Because there are so many materials with Lexile text measures, it’s easy to find reading materials across the curriculum that will provide an ideal level of challenge while maintaining comprehension. Below is some helpful information on connecting students with books at the right level of challenge.

The Lexile Framework for Reading Basic Concepts

Check out the basic concepts and uses of the Lexile® Framework for Reading. It is a great resource for educators and parents who are new to Lexile measures.

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