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Oral Reading Fluency

A More Precise Measurement of Students' Abilities for Grades 2-12

Progress monitoring for Oral Reading fluency is essential to making sure that all students become fluent readers. By measuring words read correctly per minute, reading accuracy and passage difficulty, teachers can make well-informed and timely decisions about the instructional needs of their students.

Measures WCPM, Accuracy, and Passage Difficulty

The Lexile® oral reading measures developed by MetaMetrics® provides a new metric for gauging growth in oral reading fluency. The measurement uses the three components of oral reading (WCPM, accuracy, passage difficulty) to produce students’ Lexile oral reading measures. Because it is reported on the Lexile scale, a developmental scale, it allows educators to monitor student growth over time.

Using Student Lexile Oral Reading Measures

Using Student Lexile Oral Reading Measures

Readable English students get Lexile oral reading measures by reading a text aloud as a recorded electronic audio file. Audio files are analyzed using state-of-the-art speech recognition and artificial intelligence technologies and students receive a Lexile oral reading measure. Lexile oral measures range from below 0L to above 1200L. For Lexile measures below 0L, the leading negative sign is replaced with a “BR” to signfy that the measure represents a “beginner reader.”

The Lexile oral reading measure for students takes into account Words Correct per Minute (WCPM) and accuracy scores, but also considers how difficult the passage is to read aloud. Unlike percent correct scores, Lexile oral reading measures are on a scale which allows growth to be measured within and across grades.

How does oral reading relate to reading comprehension?

Watch this video to learn how oral reading is a prerequisite to comprehension. If a student is able to read fluently, they can focus their cognitive resources toward comprehension.

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