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Create a Literacy and Data-Driven Culture!

Empower Your Staff

Our coaches guide educators to implement a comprehensive 4-Step literacy framework with Readable English at the heart of the instructional plan.

  • Facilitate collaboration and professional growth.

  • Establish an accountability cycle that drives improvement in student learning and teaching practices.

  • Foster a school-wide culture of literacy.

Our 4-Step Literacy Framework

Our 4-Step Literacy Framework helps educators get all students reading at grade level and beyond!

1. Assessment

1. Assessment

Review, analyze, and interpret data to make effective instructional decisions.

2. Performance

2. Performance

Establish a realistic view of your students’ performance by identifying their actual grade level reading equivalency to establish an accelerated plan of action.

3. Action

3. Action

Design a systematic approach utilizing SMART Goals with pacing to accelerate students' reading to reach grade level, then continue to grow beyond.

4. Monitor

4. Monitor

Learn how to engage students in progress monitoring practices to support acceleration.

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Tools + Beliefs + Systems = Grade Level Reading

Tools + Beliefs + Systems                              = Grade Level Reading

"As educators, we have a moral imperative to get our students reading at grade level. After 37 years as an educator, I realized immediately that Readable English could have a huge impact on our students across the country. Readable English is the only tool that offers the scaffolding needed for orthographic mapping. Now we must believe that our students can read at grade level, and build systems of time and support to ensure that it happens."

~Tammy Miller, Chief Academic Officer

Our Coaches and Literacy Warriors

Our coaching team has well over 150 years of combined experience as educators including administrators, principals, teachers, interventionists, and school turnaround specialists ~ all with a history of success in shifting schools to a literacy culture.

Tammy Miller, Chief Academic Officer

Tammy Miller

Chief Academic

Becky Mungle, Director of Customer Success

Becky Mungle

Director of Customer Success

Sabrina King

Sabrina King

Customer Success Manager

Dr. Carol Gardiner, Director/Coach/Dsylexia Specialist

Dr. Carol Gardiner 

Director/Coach/Dyslexia Specialist

Sharon Knight

Chief Special Education Officer

"I have been very impressed with the level of customer service we receive and the support my staff has while learning to implement this phenomenal program....It has definitely been a worthwhile investment for our staff and students...Many thanks to Tammy and Becky for their guidance, support, and tutelage."

Melanie Nelson

District Instructional Coach

"Both PD sessions have been energetic, informative and applicable to the successful implementation of Readable English throughout our district. I am not one to sit through an entire day of PD without distraction, but both sessions held my attention and had a great blend of whole group, hands-on and interactive learning."

Dena Lengacher


"It has made a believer out of me that there is another way to help students learn to read that we just have not seen or experienced before. I am just excited to see what happens in the future with our kids and to see their growth. Not only with them but the excitement and growth in our teacher as well. It is just exciting! I cannot say that enough."