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Immaculate Conception Expands Readable English to All Students

The results were so positive that ICCS is using the program for all students for the 2022-2023 school year!


The Opportunity for ICCS with Readable English to All

ICCS saw that a partnership with Readable English would place ICCS as a trailblazer in the mid-south as a school that focuses on ALL students growing and becoming proficient, lifelong readers. Readable English will allow ICCS to be a model school showcasing well-educated, literate students. The staff believes that Readable English will be part of the literacy solution that provides their students a much deeper, authentic education.

Why ICCS Chose Readable English

ICCS is a very forward-thinking school focused on the needs of its students. These needs include all students, not just students that struggle. Readable English is a tool that allows ICCS to provide more complex text to students that struggle and for students that need above-grade-level content. The short time it takes to see results with Readable English is unlike any other program ICCS has researched. The Literacy Coaches assist, plan, and collaborate with teachers and administrators on the professional development needed to be prepared to deliver Readable English effectively.

How ICCS Used Readable English

The first year of implementation initially focused on the students identified as needing reading interventions. All 1st and 2nd-grade students and identified 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th-grade students were selected to use the program. As the implementation progressed, teachers in JK and SK saw the program’s benefits and used parts of the program to prepare students for complete implementation in the coming years. Grade level teachers also saw how all the students in the class were enjoying the lessons and benefiting from them. Most students used the program during the day, and some received after-school tutoring.

What Teachers and Students Say

Readable English provides a pathway for struggling readers to reach success and advanced readers to excel. Whether tackling an unknown word or volunteering to read aloud, my students’ confidence was greatly boosted through the use of Readable English. 

~ Deidre Seymour Middle School ELA Teacher

My 4-year-olds loved the glyph videos and songs. Each day they looked forward to saying the glyph sounds along with the movements.

~ Krista Moore Junior Kindergarten Teacher

The Results

Readable English 3rd Grade Students

Readable English 3rd Grade Students
  • Started at an average grade level of 1.6 grade.

  • Increased to 3.45 by the end of the year.

  • Grew almost two grade levels in the school year.

  • Made a huge gain in closing the Reading gap.

Readable English 5th Grade Students

Readable English 5th Grade Students
  • Kept up with students in their percentile.

  • Gained 7 percentile during the school year, critical to increasing growth and advancing to higher reading levels.

  • The data reflect the averages from the struggling readers in 5th grade.

All 2nd Grade Students - All Used Readable English

All 2nd Grade Students - All Used Readable English
  • Students became more fluent readers during the school year.

  • On average, they gained 38 words per minute on 2nd-grade fluency passages.

Because Every Student Can Learn to Read!

Readable English provided positive results for all the students using the program. The results were so positive that ICCS is using the program for all students for the 2022-2023 school year!

My first-grade class enjoyed using Readable English so much last year! It was like the mortar in between the bricks for them...the thing that helped them connect all the phonics they learned with the books they wanted to read. Our whole class enjoyed the songs and motions, so much so that they often asked for them during indoor recess or free time. The best part, however, was watching my struggling readers make those connections. One student, in particular, grew more than a grade level in a matter of months as we used the program. He practiced online, and I added glyphs to the books he selected from our class library. His smile was so big the first time he read a whole book himself! Readable English helped his confidence flourish. I’m excited to use it again this year!

~ Emily Breckenridge 1st Grade Teacher

Readable English is easy to use. Learning the glyphs is fun with the catchy videos that accompany each lesson. My students look forward to using Readable English.

~ Deidre Seymour Middle School ELA Teacher

Quickly move large-scale numbers of students to grade-level reading and beyond!

Readable English unlocks the code hidden behind the rules, the exceptions, and rote memorization. We are the only reading intervention that gets students to grade-level reading using their own class curriculum without being pulled out of class.