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Comprehension Scores Soar Using Readable English at Franklin Central Jr. High

The staff fully believes Readable English is the answer to get students reading at grade level.

Comprehension Scores Soar Using Readable English at Franklin Central Jr. High

The Opportunity for Franklin Central Junior High School with Readable English

Franklin Central Junior High School believes that students who are readers can succeed in anything they choose. When the staff of FCJHS learned of Readable English, they realized right away that a partnership would provide the support and engagement required for getting struggling readers to grade level. While the staff fully believe Readable English is the answer to getting students reading at grade level, more importantly, they believe it is changing their students’ attitude towards school and increasing their level of confidence as readers.

Why Franklin Central Junior High School Chose Readable English

Franklin Central Junior High was looking for a high leverage intervention that would give students, who have faced challenges for most of their school career, an opportunity to feel successful and truly grow as readers. They needed something that would ‘break the code’ and get students reading at grade level. Additionally, they wanted an intervention that would help students in meeting their long-term Individualized Education Plan goals.

How Franklin Central Junior High School Used Readable English

Readable English was utilized in all Special Education classes to support students reading at least two grade levels behind their age like peers. During the day, these students met every day for a full class period for Readable English. Students who learned the system were then trained to use the conversion tool throughout the school day for all other course content. We witnessed the effectiveness of this program as we watched students grow two and three years in their reading levels. With this incredible success, staff and leadership expanded Readable English into the high school.

The Results

Seventh Grade Results

Seventh Grade Results
  • Grade 7 students on average went up in percentile rank from 16th percentile to 25th percentile.

Eighth Grade Results

Eighth Grade Results
  • Grade 8 students on average went up in percentile rank from 26th percentile to 40th percentile.

What Educators are Saying

This is our district’s first year using Readable English. We chose to focus our implementation at the Junior High School (7th-8th grade students) and for students who were reading two or more grade levels below their chronological grade level. I have been very impressed with the level of customer service we receive and the support my staff has while learning to implement this phenomenal program. My teachers have found it very easy to use as well as highly engaging for their students. The level of growth our 7th and 8th grade students have made is awesome. I love that they are learning to read as well as spell words and are gaining in their confidence in their ability to sound out and decode unfamiliar text.
For the second semester, we are blending in the conversion tool and I am quite excited to see how the students are using it to convert grade level assignments into Readable English. It has definitely been a worthwhile investment for our staff and students. I am hopeful this will set them up for success in their grade-level courses when they move on to high school. Many thanks to Tammy and Becky for their guidance, support, and tutelage.

~ Sharon Kight, Director of Special Education Services

We started using Readable English this year and our students have just blossomed because of it. Not only with their reading skills, but also with their confidence levels, which is so reassuring as a teacher to see. You want their success, you want them to notice they are succeeding, and that is exactly what we get with Readable English.

~ Kati (Brew) Cale, Special Education Teacher

Quickly move large-scale numbers of students to grade-level reading and beyond!

Readable English unlocks the code hidden behind the rules, the exceptions, and rote memorization. We are the only reading intervention that gets students to grade-level reading using their own class curriculum without being pulled out of class.