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Accelerated Reading Program

Our research-proven, accelerated reading program gets students in grades 2-12 to take ownership of their learning by quickly getting them to grade-level reading and beyond.

How Readable English Works

Unlock the code to reading in weeks - not years!


Make English Phonetic

Readable English makes English phonetic by embedding a pronunciation guide into each word without changing the spelling, using glyphs (visual cues), graying out silent letters, and breaking words into syllables.

Instead of learning hundreds of rules and the multitude of exceptions of English, with pre-made lessons, students only need to learn 21 glyphs to begin reading - in a matter of weeks vs. years. As soon as students learn the glyphs they can convert any grade-level content into Readable English!

Readable English Example



Convert Class Curriculum Content

Once students learn the Readable English mark up, it can be integrated with any class curriculum using the Conversion Tool.

Our patented and award-winning conversion technology enables any text to be converted into Readable English quickly and easily - giving teachers and students the flexibility to create and use their own grade-level content with the Readable English markup.


Pre-made lesson plans with scripts make it easy to teach students the 21 Readable English glyphs. In just weeks, students can start reading grade-level content with accuracy and confidence!

Phase 1. Glyph Learning

Phase 1. Glyph Learning

  • Standard English review
  • Glyph learning activities: videos, songs & body movements, worksheets, games & quizzes
  • Reading warm-ups developing: phonics, phonemic awareness, blending & segmenting
  • Class participation activities
Phase 2. Reading Accuracy & Fluency

Phase 2. Reading Accuracy & Fluency

  • Reading warm ups for orthographic mapping
  • Worksheets- Integration & Decoding/Encoding
  • Online Games
  • Fluency Builders with voice recognition
  • Conversion tools practice
  • Class participation activities
Phase 3.  Fluency & Comprehension

Phase 3. Fluency & Comprehension

  • Reading warm-ups
  • Comprehension/Writing worksheets
  • Online games-Vocabulary development
  • Fluency builders with voice recognition
  • Core curriculum with the conversion tool
Phase 4. Integration

Phase 4. Integration

  • Reading warm-ups
  • Vocab Module
  • Core curriculum with the conversion tool
  • Weekly "special focus" on key reading skills
  • Class participation activities

Review our Technology Specifications to ensure your district/school resources are compatible with our program.

Tech Specs

Benchmarking and Progress Monitoring

Benchmarking and Progress Monitoring

Using the Lexile® Framework by MetaMetrics®, we provide students with Lexile® measures for reading and listening comprehension and oral reading fluency to offer a more complete picture of their literacy skills. With Lexile measures, we efficiently track progress toward the goal to get to grade level reading and beyond.

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Oral Reading Fluency

Get Readable English for Your School, Organization, or Home School.

The program can be delivered online or in-person and is suitable for small groups, whole classes or one-to-one.

Proven to Close the Reading Gap!

Gets to the Root Cause of Why Kids Can't Read

"Readable English is different. It is something that gets to the root cause of why these kids can't read rather than structured practice in different ways and different tiers. Readable English pulls pieces in that are technology enhanced; it pulls in the value of a real teacher talking to kids and building into kids. And then, it has independent practice. It is a multi-faceted approach and the way it teaches kids is different."

~ Tom Hughes, Principal, Maple Crest Middle School

Why Learning to Read English is So Hard and How to Make it Easier

The book includes the sound for each of the phonemes in English accompanied by videos and instructions for how to make each of the sounds. It also includes the videos used for teaching Readable English, such as videos that explain to students the complexities of the English language.