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Worksheet Issues

If a button is not responsive, a game is not working properly, or pictures and/or text is not displaying properly, the most common cause is a failure to use the recommended platform.

Is a PC or a Mac with a recently installed Chrome web browser being used?
  • The default browser on a Mac is Safari, which is not compatible

Did you run a compatibility check?

Is a tablet, phone, or other touch screen being used?

  • The recommended platform is a personal computer (desktop or laptop) followed by a large-screen format mobile device. 

What specific lesson is giving you trouble?

At a minimum, please provide the Phase/Lesson/Day as well as the specific URL. 

    • For Example https://us.readablenglish.com/secure/VideoSlide.aspx?WorkSheetID=117&ModuleTypeID=1 
    • Any additional information, such as a video of the problem or any other technical issues you are also experiencing.

Is Javascript enabled?
Javascript is required for most modern websites and must be enabled for proper functionality. 
      • Visit the following url: chrome://settings/content/javascript
      • Ensure readableenglish.com is not in the “Block” section.