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Resetting and Deleting Fluency Builder Passages

The difference and details around resetting and deleting Fluency Builder passages.


Reset: Allows the student the opportunity to re-read any of the Fluency Builder reads in the passage level. If reads 1 or 2 are selected, the passages following will be reset as well.

Fluency builder reset

Once the FB read has been reset, the box that was selected to take that read will be blank to show the student they can take it again (in this example the teacher reset the 3rd Standard English read): 

fluency builder reset show

*note* If your student selects the Fluency Builders out of order, whichever one they selected to take the read will be unchecked. Example: if the student clicked on FB 2 to take the Stanard English read because they accidentally got out of order. When the Standard English read is rest, the check mark will go away on Fluency Builder 2


Delete: This option only deletes the student recording, but does not allow the student to retake.  This was added recently as we wanted teachers to have the opportunity to reset the recording in cases where the audio was not scorable