How can I share converted documents?

You can share documents with students and teachers in your library.

Text Conversions & eReader Conversions:

Once your conversions have been processed they will be located in "My Documents". There are two ways to share these documents. 

1. Selecting the Share Icon next to the document title within the folder:

Sharing document from folder-1

2. Opening the Conversion and selecting the share icon within the conversion:

sharing document-1

External Document Conversions:

Once your document has been processed it will be located in the External Documents Folder. In order to share these documents, you will select the share button next to the document title:

sharing external document


You can share the conversion with a single student or select multiple students and then select the share button. If you want to share the conversion with a teacher, type in their email address on the bottom half of the pop-up. You can add a message if you would like to be sent with the conversion, then select share.